UX/UI Design


UX (User experience) is the difference between a good and bad website. It takes the users’ needs into every stage of your product lifestyle. UX (User experience) encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with your company, its services, and its products.

At Rain Concert, we incorporate user experience (UX) design and development activities at every stage of your product cycle with the main aim of improving end-user experience as it has profound impact on your business. We have expertise in all the latest web designing tools.

UI/UX Approach

User Research

At the research stage, we help you to discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with real user expectations. We help you to identify a strategy to support both user needs and your business goals. Our analytical and research-oriented approach delivers strategic insights on your customers’ reactions to and interactions with your application.

IA & Wireframes

We ensure that the right information is presented in the right way at the right place. Wire framing is the best way to visualize data structures and represent UI features. It enables effective communication between team members and customer, and allows for early testing of workflows, navigation, and overall data representation.

User Testing

We ensure that at this stage, the user testing is done with detailed analysis to transform data into actionable design improvements. It helps us in evaluating what will work and what will not work for your product – these findings may help us make your product better.

Look & Feel design (UI)

The visual appeal of your product has an extensive impact on users. Although a product's Information Architecture is important, it doesn't facilitate engagement on its own. We aim to offer designs keeping the user in mind to have a cohesive, predictable, and desirable effect on the target audience.


With close to a decade of experience, we make sure that your application looks and feels exactly as designed and is properly tested on platforms of your choice. Using the latest technologies, we make sure the design is translated into a functioning code at the pixel level. We code strictly in accordance with current standards and support you during integration with the back-end system.

Integration Support

Our designs and code come with awarranty period that ensures you have enough time to discover any imperfection. We provide technical support and assistance during back-end integration for the smooth functioning of the app.