Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce is trading of products and services on internet. In global market sense, ecommerce has opened up various windows of opportunities for a variety of businesses. For instance, due to growth of ecommerce, more and more companies are venturing in this sector with innovative product and services which boosts the global market.

Industry reports suggest that ecommerce will continue to grow as more and more people are using internet and shop across multiple devices. Ecommerce platforms are becoming popular because of the convenience to easily compare price, features, functions and get update about any product.

At Rain Concert, we deliver custom Magento eCommerce store development services along with other effective offerings including extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services. We have launched Magento ecommerce stores online for clients operating in various industries around the world.

Magento Development

Magento offers both a community edition which is completely open-source and an enterprise edition. Magento is built on the robust PHP programming language and the tried-and-tested LAMP stack. There is no vendor lock-in and ready pool of development resources available at all times ensuring that you can not only protect your investment but also enhance it using PHP skills widely available in the market.

What we do
  • Magento Product customization
  • Front-end engineering and UI development
  • Magento service extensions
  • Integration with other services including Paypal, BizTalk, Apache SOLR and various CRM solutions
  • Performance engineering and Magento security audits
  • Themes and Responsive Design template development and customization
Why you must choose Rain Concert for your Ecommerce Solutions
  • World-class engineering division
  • Certified Magento engineers
  • Strong Magento skills and ecommerce business expertise
  • End-to-end Magento implementation experience of over 90 man-years

We have team of certified Magento experts, front-end designers and engineers which are available with solutions for every kind of ecommerce problem. Our ethos is strongly rooted in the open-source community and our team of PHP experts adds to our capabilities in understanding and working around any engineering issue faced in the customization or extension of Magento.

Using our extensive experience in Magento development for transaction intensive retail merchants across Europe and the US, we can provide wide range of solution - from Magento to custom development using PHP, Ruby and Node.JS, we can resolve every business IT need of yours.

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Rain Concert offers custom Ecommerce solutions for your business.