Rain Concert - Board of Directors

Vidya Sajith Kumar


Managing Director

Ms. Vidya Sajith Kumar is the Managing Director of the company and is a well-known educationist. She is also a very well known Academician. She is a graduate with a degree in teaching and has been an ardent proponent of accessible education for all. She has been actively involved in teaching poor and destitute children and has contributed immensely to various adult literacy campaigns. She is also very passionate about philanthropy and has been involved in various NGOs and charitable organizations. She also contributes by spending time in organizing and promoting events and fund collection programs for various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the poor and downtrodden. Her keen eye for promoting social initiatives that have a positive impact on society has helped Rain Concert in sustaining and giving shape to our vision of a business venture that is built on improving the quality of life of people.

Sajith Kumar KV



Sajith, co-founder and Director of Rain Concert, he has been associated with Rain Concert ever since it started its operation as a proprietorship in 1998 by name “Rain Concert Informatics” and later incorporated in 2006. He is also a renowned legal authority on IP and cyber-laws. He is a leading consultant to various key organizations on issues pertaining to information and communication technology and civil cases. He takes care of the legal and statutory aspects of Rain Concert. He is also actively involved in all aspects of the company’s operations ranging from HR, Finance, Operations and execution of business strategy.

Sajith is also a very active member in various independent initiatives related to charity, education, social initiatives and is a leading sponsor of NGOs in Kerala. With his extensive experience of working with government and semi-government enterprises, he has been instrumental in steering Rain Concert’s vision for a prosperous society and making the company a force that complements the government’s efforts to improve the quality of living in the state.

Sajith holds a Masters’ Degree in Business Law.